Dance Elite Curriculum

Dance Elite offers the following types of dance:

Creative Movement: Class is designed to improve body awareness and faster

self confidence, emphasizing motor skill development, coordination skills,

limbering, muscle-toning thru fun games and simple routines.

Preschool: Pre tap and ballet class that concentrates on posture, basic motor

skills, utilization of various props, fun music, and simple routines.

In this class students learn valuable lessons including technique,

posture, gracefulness and balance that are skills carried out through all types of


As the students advance in age they will learn the fundamental and

progressive tap sounds and steps leading to advanced rhythms and

syncopation. Emphasis is placed on clarity of tap sound, weight shifts and


This class is offered to ages 10 and up only. Lyrical is a beautiful

combination of jazz and ballet using interpretation and story telling through

movement. Students must be taking a ballet and jazz class along with it.

Hip Hop:
Contemporary dance styles (free style, street dance, funk, etc.)

choreographed to contemporary music.