Guidelines and Policies

2016-2017 Fennimore handbook

Practice Wear

  • Practice wear is mandatory for all classes.
  • All students hair must be tied back and secured for class.
  • Leotard and tights (any color).
  • Shoe styles, colors and costs vary by class.
  • Specifics will be given at registration.
  • Shoes and practice wear can be obtained at the studio and atspecific times throughout the year.
  • Please remove all jewelry before class.
  • Write your child’s name in their shoes.
  • If your child does not follow these requirements, they will be asked to watch theclass.

Classroom Rules

Chewing gum and eating candy is NOT permitted during class. There is no running in the dance studio, except under the teacher’s direction and supervision. Hanging on the Barres is dangerous and is not allowed. Parents please be prompt! Without proper warm-up a student can be seriously injured. The instructor is responsible for the children only during the lesson. Young children must be accompanied by an adult until the class begins, and must be picked up promptly when the class ends. Most classes run back to back, thus the teacher cannot monitor children. For children under age 4, at least one parent per student must stay in the waiting area outside the dance room during the lesson in case of emergency. If you can’t stay with your child please make arrangements with another parent for help. Students should stop at the bathroom before class begins. Leaving the classroom should be reserved for only an emergency. No student or visitor may bring food, drinks, or chewing gum into the waiting or dance floor area. However, water bottles are allowed.


Viewing & Waiting Area

Dance Elite LLC has a formal viewing area/waiting room, which can be utilized at any time. We ask that all children be prepared for class with tap shoes on first. If your child is going to observe the class before them could you please have them sit in the chairs and watch. Please don’t stand at the door and wait, for this is distracting to the class dancing and it makes it difficult for the class to exit the dance room when they are finished. We also ask that the dancers enter the studio through the rear entrance. This ensures that classes will not be interrupted.

Studio Parking

Parking is limited behind the building, please park vehicles in the city parking adjacent to the Silent Woman or on the street.

Parent Observation

We will have a formal parents observation night one month before recital for all classes age 7 and younger. You are welcome to videotape class, take photos, and bring friends and relatives on this night. Parents will also be invited to watch the last couple of lessons of the preschool and 4k classes, this will better prepare the children to dance in front of an audience.