Tuition and Costume Fee

Tuition Payment

Payments are paid in four installments for each quarter; make checks out to Dance Elite, LLC.

We do not bill you for each quarter, so please mark these dates on your calendar. I will send

out a payment reminder via email so please make sure that I have you current email address.



1st payment: Due at registration

2nd payment: October 27th

3rd payment: January 12th

4th payment: March 8th

If someone else is paying for your child’s lessons, please have them write your child’s name,

day and class time on their check. You may be required to cover the cost of any other additional

costs such as tights and props. All costume fees and quarterly payments must be up to date

before your child will receive his or her costumes for the recital. Missing class does not affect the

cost of tuition.

Tuition Breakdown

One Child                  = $78 per quarter

Two Children                        = $145 per quarter

Three Children         = $205 per quarter

Four Children           = $236 per quarter

Additional Class Options:

Hip Hop addition to a combo class is $45 + $17 costume fee = $62 a quarter.

Lyrical addition to a combo class is $45 + $17 costume fee = $62 a quarter.

Ballet Technique addition to a combo class is $45, no costume fee, no performance in recital.


Returned Checks

There will be a $25.00 returned check fee for all returned checks. Cash only accepted at this

point for payment.